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Hello All. I need help. Ive been going to family members that are trying to give good advice but Im not seeing their point. Ok, I contacted Herzing to inqire about an article I'd read about their... Read More

  1. by   WORKIN-RN
    Quote from kellienurse
    That's a reasonable price. Herzing is $38k for the entire program. I'm hopefully starting April 28th.

    How is the program so far. Thinking about applying.
  2. by   omoelemu
    I plan to apply to Herzing too. Good recommendations from my colleagues.
  3. by   dc4now
    any updates on anyone currently attending or grads from herzing fnp program,?
  4. by   Cupcakes23
    Hi Omoelemu, did you start the program? How do u like it? Is the online one?
  5. by   playdatsax
    Hi Kellinurse
    Did you start the Herzing FNP online program? Is it a good program?
  6. by   trimom3
    How are the people from this thread finding the Herzing FNP Program? I can't find many reviews about it.
  7. by   ERNurse2011
    Is anyone in the program now? I am trying to decide whether to apply or not. How do you like the program and can you really do it in 20 months?
  8. by   trimom3
    I applied to it and then a few days later they told me that they had closed the program in my state (MN) due to difficulty finding preceptors...