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Hello All. I need help. Ive been going to family members that are trying to give good advice but Im not seeing their point. Ok, I contacted Herzing to inqire about an article I'd read about their... Read More

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    Quote from kellienurse
    That's a reasonable price. Herzing is $38k for the entire program. I'm hopefully starting April 28th.

    How is the program so far. Thinking about applying.
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    I plan to apply to Herzing too. Good recommendations from my colleagues.
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    any updates on anyone currently attending or grads from herzing fnp program,?
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    Hi Omoelemu, did you start the program? How do u like it? Is the online one?
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    Hi Kellinurse
    Did you start the Herzing FNP online program? Is it a good program?
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    How are the people from this thread finding the Herzing FNP Program? I can't find many reviews about it.
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    Is anyone in the program now? I am trying to decide whether to apply or not. How do you like the program and can you really do it in 20 months?
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    I applied to it and then a few days later they told me that they had closed the program in my state (MN) due to difficulty finding preceptors...