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I'm hoping to get some advice from some of the awesome nurses here. I'm very new, and not even in nursing school... yet... and am doing a ton of research online. Here's my short story: :D I'm a... Read More

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    @Loque I am in the same position as you were. chiropractor going into nursing. Please update me and tell me what you ended up doing. I am looking at ABSN programs right now. Thanks
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    Similar situation myself and am looking at the WGU pre-licensure program. I just ran across it two days ago after thinking I was going to do a DC - ADN program in W Palm. That program is 12 months, $26k and you have to fly to W Palm for clinicals once a month Thur-Mon. Travel and lodging would easily increase the price. Not a bad program if you could have an associate cover your patients the times you're gone so you can continue to have income.

    After the WGU I'm looking at Frontier's NP program. It's another 2 years but you can work as a DC while you're in the program and continue to pay your obligations.

    I'm not really sure that there would be a better combination than the DC + BSN + NP. I have come to find out that my favorite patients as well as providers (especially providers!) tend to be in the nursing field.

    This has been in the world for me a few years now. I just needed to finish the neurology program and sit for boards before adding another challenge. Otherwise my wife said I had to move into the clinic. Feel free to include me in any email if you like.


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