Help! Need a NP to interview for my 1st assignment

    • Hello! Just started my FNP program this fall. I need to interview a NP, possibly working in Dermatology! Anyone?! that can help out a np student?!? thanks
    • What is the nurse's role and primary responsibilities?
    • What is the role title and position description?
    • How did the interviewee choose this role?
    • What educational preparation is required for the role?
    • What is the setting in which the role is enacted?
    • Are there role conflicts or "turf" issues within the organization, and if so how are they handled or resolved?
    • What are actual or perceived barriers to practice or innovation?
    • Are there any special skills that are needed to lead or influence others on the care team or within the organization?
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  2. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Go to the Nurse Practitioner forum and ask, or do a search here on allnurses for dermatology and NP, I know I saw a posting from someone working part time in that roll today.
  3. by   gahnosah
    Hi tasha, I love your icon!
    I have posted a request on NP forum a couple days ago
  4. by   BostonFNP
    These exercises are designed to get you put talking to and developing relationships in your area with current APRNs. Have you tried calling local derm offices and asking?
  5. by   gahnosah
    Hi Boston,
    Oh, thats a great idea. Thanks.
  6. by   BostonFNP
    You are best served that way...potential preceptor, mentor, etc
  7. by   gahnosah
    Ive called around, no luck