Graceland University FNP Summer 2013

  1. I would like to meet other students who are starting the Graceland University FNP program May 6, 2013. I am starting in advanced pathophysiology as I have a masters and am in the post masters certificate program.

    Also I would love to hear from others in the program on their experience.
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  3. by   Luvarn7009
    What do you guys think of the program so far?
  4. by   dottimur
    I think it is a good program. I am learning a lot. Are you applying?
  5. by   EDRN2010
    I agree with dottimur, I think it is a good program. However don't expect it to be easy, it is challenging yet doable.
  6. by   Luvarn7009
    I was accepted for Fall 2013. Nervous and excited! Any advice?
  7. by   dottimur
    Quote from Luvarn7009
    I was accepted for Fall 2013. Nervous and excited! Any advice?
    Expect it to be hard. I started with advanced pathophysiology as I have a masters in nursing already. I don't know what the classes before that are like but this pathophysiology class is very hard. Depending on your learning style expect to consult with many other resources to help things click. I believe this would be an issue regardless of what college you are at. The material is just very hard. I thought microbiology was hard in nursing school but this is much harder. You have to focus on a DEEP understanding as this class is foundational to the rest of the program.

    I think graceland is going to be good. I go to campus in October and look forward to it.
  8. by   jmecclrn
    I was accepted to begin Jan. 2014 into the Post-Master FNP program. How does everyone like the program so far? I've heard they have a great reputation.
  9. by   dottimur
    Graceland is very selective and they can afford to be. They have over 150 applicants each semester. So, congratulations! I spent a week on campus for the Advanced Health Assessment course and I was very impressed with the professors. I was also incredibly impressed with the quality of the students and their willingness to help one another during this stressful time. I kept thinking that I was glad I had been accepted to this program because it was the best one for me. You may go on youtube and search for the self made videos of students from other schools and their assessment exams are tiny compared to what we were afforded the opportunity to learn. To give you a taste the exam covered all body systems including a thorough well-child check. It took us 2 full days non-stop to get all 25 students through all of them and they provided us with two live patients to perform male genitalia and a pap smear on a real woman (we didn't collect the smear but we did the exam otherwise). We had to learn over 150 tasks for this exam. It was very hard but it was very good to learn.

    Graceland is a great place and it confuses me that it isn't discussed more on allnurses but then I think they don't put a huge number of students through the program... just a select few... congrats again.
  10. by   jmecclrn
    Thanks for the information. I am excited yet nervous as I begin this journey. Good luck to you...
  11. by   ccbryant
    I graduated from Graceland 8/2013 - FNP and it was a great program. I felt prepared for certification and passed the first time. It was difficult but manageable and I worked FT.
  12. by   dottimur
    ccbryant, in what field are you working?
  13. by   teachnursing
    Hello! I was accepted to start in the FNP program Jan 2014. jmecclrn will you be attending the focus session in January?
    Any one else out there attending? Excited. Just booked my flight, room and car!
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  14. by   dottimur
    Post masters students do not go to the first (orientation) focus session as it is to go over things already covered in the prior masters program. Teachnursing, I am happy for you! Congratulations!