Graceland FNP fall 2012

  1. Anyone out there starting in the fall 2012 at Graceland fnp program?
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  3. by   EDRN2010
    I started courses this Spring for the RN-MSN portion.
  4. by   mlward3
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    Anyone out there starting in the fall 2012 at Graceland fnp program?
    That's great how are you liking it so far?? What are you taking this fall?
  5. by   EDRN2010
    I like it so far. The faculty and peers that I met during the focus session are really nice. It has been a lot of work but very doable. I will take Pathophysiology in August and then Pharmacology and Leadership roles in October. What classes will you be taking this fall?
  6. by   mlward3
    Im taking just research methods evidence based......apparently that all you can take first semeste! Them at the focus session they talk to you about different options part time and full time
  7. by   EDRN2010
    Do you think you will plan on being full time or part time? I am trying to make my mind up about this now, for right now I think full time. Did you find out your expected graduation semester year?
  8. by   Kersplatt
    How is the Program? I am extremely interested in this program: just would like current or past student perspectives.
  9. by   pattyweb
    Quote from mlward3
    Anyone out there starting in the fall 2012 at Graceland fnp program?
    Just finished the FNP program. Did the full time track, which is very doable. I worked full time throughout the program, and did have to change my work schedule around to do so. I don't have any kids, but have lots of family around, so had moderate family obligations. It is so important to have a good support system! Make sure you arrange practicum hours early, you don't want to not have a preceptor and have to push back your completion date.
  10. by   mlward3
    I am planning of doing full time! I am so nervous about it! Aug 27th is very close! I think the writting is what I am so worried about! I can test and do disscusion boards ect... but man do I hate papers! Ehhh will see how it goes, hopefully they will help guide me! I am worried about the practicum hours. I live close to a big teaching hospital that is saturated with PA students so they are not taking FNP stuents.
  11. by   pattyweb
    Mlward-- all the more reason to start searching for preceptors now, they can be docs, nps, or if in a pinch a PA for some of the hrs, but that was my biggest struggle. As far as the writing, there was a lot of it for our cohort. The first focus session they worked with us on using the databases, and discussed APA. Buddy up with a group of people during focus, it was always nice to be able to call someone to bounce ideas off of.
  12. by   RN4OSU
    I'm in my second semester at Graceland this fall. So far, so good, however this semester is definitely more challenging with advanced pathophys. I chose to go full time to be done sooner, was easily able to work full time hours the first semester but decided to cut back to part time hours this semester and so glad I did!
  13. by   Mommy2be
    What is the cost for this program? Is it completely online or are there any campus visits required?
  14. by   daviex
    I've applied for Spring 2013. I have 2 small children work full time and am trying to decide if I want to go FT or PT. I would like to be finished quicker but I'm not sure if its doable. My youngest is 3 months. Any thoughts?