GPA from a long time ago....Eeeck

  1. Hi everyone. I am preparing to apply to NP schools this year. I will complete my BSN in April with a cum. GPA of 3.28 - most NP schools require between 3-4. I plan to take my GRE next month and hope I can show that I am more than a GPA!

    My question is - when I did my associates of arts ...way before I even went to nursing school about 10 years ago ...well I was young. My GPA was 2.8 for that.
    So what GPA do they use for their "requirement" - Is it from your last degree that would be my BSN or do they take an average of all? I would hate for my younger years to ruin my future when I have proven myself with my ASN and BSN.

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  3. by   Medic2BSN13
    It most likely depends on the school to which you are applying. Some schools state they only look at the last 60 credit hours while others may look at all hours completed. Your best bet would be to contact the school(s) you are interested in and ask each directly. Having said that, GPA is one part of an application. Professional experience, letters of reccomendation, and a strongly worded personal statement can also be very helpful. Decent GRE scores would only help, but not all schools require them.

    You want to make yourself the best candidate possible. Don't aim for the minimum requirements for admission. Try to exceed all of the minimum requirements. Not sure how long you have been working as an RN, but good experience would likely be your strength in addition to great recommendations.

    I am not an NP nor do I have a graduate degree, but I am completing an accelerated second degree program this semester, so I do have some experience with completing applications. Eventually, I will also apply to grad school taking the ACNP route, but that could change. Good luck.
  4. by   Medsurg Mama
    My advice would be to make an appointment with the academic adviser in the nursing department where you plan to obtain your degree. They will be able to give you specific advice and develop a plan of action for how you need to proceed.

    I wish you the best of luck and I'm sure you will find a solution to your problem. I did the same thing and went to school very young and hated my original major, so I slacked and got horrible grades. By the time I grew up and got serious, those grades were like a big black mark but I was able to get them expunged. Most schools where I live also don't look at credits obtained past 10 years.