Full time Student let go from PRN job, what to do now??

  1. I posted in the careers section my surprise termination today. Needless to say nursing politics ruled again at my new job. I was basically told I didn't fit in with the close knit night shift group. My first trip to the office ended up being for a "you're being let go speech".

    True enough I was in my probationary period but I had no altercation with any staff member, no talks with them. I just don't get it, but alas, its over and done with now. I'm trying to determine what I am going to do from here. Very intensive last few weeks in health assessment and I just don't know if I'll have time to secure a job and train for it. I'm in the full time cohort at my school and have been warned by many that next semester will be tough (Patho, Research, and Theory) especially with a job. But unfortunately I don't have the luxury of not working. I really wanted to gain experience while doing the program (only have one year of experience at the moment).

    I'm debating doing agency work, but I find myself debating if I should work next semester at all. I'm not used to not working having worked my whole way through college (single mother). But I'm tired of the BS.

    I don't find bedside nursing to be fufilling, I love the patients but having a bunch of women as coworkers has not worked out for the best for me I think home health is a perfect route for me, patient care with minimum interaction with coworkers.

    Should I search for a job now, focus on school til the end of the semester, or just collect unemployment and take the whole semester off??? Nobody said life was gonna be easy....but dang :-(
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    I feel for you. I am in a prn position ( I decreased my hours from 32 to per diem because of the upcoming year), I also attend a PMHNP program at a Boston school full time. I am a male, and I have worked many jobs in the past where I was the minority (group homes, home care etc.). I am just finding it hard to get over how much back stabbing goes on in the whole nursing culture. It seems as if people just care about looking the best to administration for hope of attaining a similar position in the future.

    As far as home care goes....be careful .There are a lot of "pop up" companies that appear overnight to get medicare and medicaid dollars, and could really give a "code brown" about the patient or your sanity. There also can be a lot of back stabbing and throat cutting in that field as well. They want you to be able to see a thousand patients and have all your work done on your own time if you can't get it done on theirs.

    Stick with school, and try to get an assistantship. I am a peer tutor at the University I go to and it pays 21 bucks an hour (a lot less than my usual pay) but I can get by. Good luck!