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Hi all, I am thinking about applying to Frontier for the FNP Program. While I have read and heard great things about the midwifery program, I haven't heard much about the FNP Program. I would appreciate any feedback from... Read More

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    I applied for the class starting in Aug but there was a delay in my recommendations and the next available class was the one starting in Feb. I have already had my phone interview (in Aug!) But as they say, the early bird..... Yes it is torture... I will be so glad to start classes!

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    I wish all of you the best in your application to Frontier. I am in the midst of classes, so I don't come here that much. But, if any of you want to hear from me, just PM me and we can share e-mail addresses. I have to say, I LOVE Frontier. Yes, it's rigorous, but it's fun to learn with faculty who REALLY care! I HIGHLY recommend this school!
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    Hi Berkshire,

    Was wondering how school has been going for you. I'm just one more post away before I can PM you. Again, thanks for being so helpful.
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    I have also applied to class 73 or 75 FNP program. I hope to get in!
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    Hi MSPRN01,

    Welcome to the applicant pool!! I'll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for you also.
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    Thanks so much. I am doing the same for you and everyone else. Did you apply to any other schools? I also applied to the University of Cincinnati, but Frontier is definitely my first choice!
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    So, if the review will be completed on Nov. 9th... I wonder when we will hear about our acceptance?
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    Not sure because when I had my interview a couple of weeks ago, I was told it could be as late as December for notification because they had so many apps and obviously they couldn't admit everyone who applied for class 73. I was also told acceptance may be for the next class (75--unless ADN-MSN bridge student which would be 74) if not accepted for class 73. I asked if I could still start in April if accepted to class 75 and I was told yes. I am keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!!!
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    Yeah, I was told we wouldn't hear anything until late November, early December. I don't really mind if I get into Class 73 or 75 as long as I'm able to start in April. Fingers still crossed!
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    Biting my nails and pacing the floor.....:roll

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