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Application submitted to class 116. Anyone else? It's a long wait to hear June/July....... Read More

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    Getting closer to July! I received an email yesterday about looking at student services while awaiting acceptance news and I almost had a stroke just waiting for it to open because I had no idea what it was about!
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    I applied for class 117 and also noticed they extended to the 20th. maybe there were not enough applicants?? I'm freaking out!!!
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    How many do they accept?
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    One of my friends is in the bridge right now & she said her class started out with 35 students.
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    I applied for ADN-MSN, FNP class 117. I should get a response any day. The wait is killing me.
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    Quote from thenursemandy
    I applied for ADN-MSN, FNP class 117. I should get a response any day. The wait is killing me.
    And we are still waiting!! I have no nails left..
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    I have applied to Frontier for FB Dec 2 2013. I received notice that they do not inform you of your acceptance or rejection until 6 to 8 weeks prior to your orientation date... that would put me waiting until end of Oct to find out... does anyone know why it takes them so long to notify you? Is there anyone out there who has gone through Frontier's FNP program? I am looking into Chamberlain as well just in case I don't make it into Frontier. Frontier requires you to go to Kentucky for 8 days prior to your clinicals starting while Chamberlain (and many other schools) don't require such a long lab intensive. I am interested in hearing input.. Thanks!