Frontier FNP portfolio option--anyone with non-nurse BS get in?

  1. 0 i applied to frontier's FNP program, using their portfolio option since my BS is not in nursing. i didn't know how strongly they rate having a BSN and wondered if anyone else did this option or got in with a non-nursing BS. part of my angst is that i won't hear from frontier until jan or so and have to give a decision at ball state by dec. anyone?
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    I am not applying to Frontier but I do have a non-nursing BS and just an ADN with zero experience. I just got into a few university RN-MSN program with entrance gpa and grad entry test requirements, plus experience requirements that I didn't meet. I'm probationary since the gpa min. was 3.2 vs the normal 3.0 but I didn't have any real problems and I don't think they have to stick to all the written requirements.

    All else being equal I can't imagine a non-nursing BS being a problem. Obviously, they have to be used to it otherwise these programs wouldn't exist and there are lots of them. I think you'll probably be fine.

    Good luck and don't worry.
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    Thanks Chiromed0!

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