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I really want to get my NP in adult critical care....but what I've read and heard lately seems to think that a FNP is more hireable. If I go FNP could I have options to work in ICU/critical care? I think FNP might bore me to... Read More

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    I agree with some of the other posters in that it would be good to do whatever you are interested in. If you want to take care of patients with chronic illnesses in a more acute setting such as a hospital ICU, then I would say go for the ACNP. If you have ICU background the ACNP is a great way to go. I know of some FNP's who work in cardiology practices and I used to work with an FNP who took care of CV surgery patient post operatively on a cardiac step down floor. I think the only time you would be limited is if you just want to work ICU and never do outpatient. So with the ACNP, it would be hard to get an outpatient job so that's something you may want to consider for the future. It helps if you know what you want to do for the long-term. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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    I didn't think I should make new thread since my question if very similar to this one. I am trying to decided between a FNP program and an Emergency Nurse Practitioner (FNP/ACNP dual route) program.

    I am a PICU nurse. I ultimately want to be doing community health nursing in developing countries. This makes me think that I should just do FNP, but I'm wondering what I will be missing out on if I don't do ACNP. I want all the skills I can possibly have because I will be one of the few healthcare providers in the area I will be in. So what are the main differences in training between the FNP and ACNP programs? As an FNP can't I still learn to do all of the skills - chest tubes, intubation, sutures etc,,,? Most likely, I won't have any of the equipment to do that in some of the places I'll be anyways, but I want to have those skills in case. I basically want to know what my limitations will be in training in the FNP program. Thanks for your help!
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    Yes, you will be able to learn them, depending on your state of practice. I do all those things as well as central lines, minor surgeries and even PAPs and IUD placement.

    Sounds like you will be in a small place as I am at. Rural medicine is fun and frustrating.

    There is an FNP in anchorage that does colonoscopies. Does a damn fine job.
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    tee hee hee - Anchorage is the URBAN.

    Now Delta Junction is rural - lol.
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    Lol, I have to take a ferry or a plane to get to a road system.
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