FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

  1. Hey guys I just applied to the FNP program at Simmons and I wanted I meet other applicants and share your opinions
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  3. by   Deenurs
    Hey I just applied for the Sept 2017 cohort, I missed the May, did you get in? How was the process?
  4. by   RN BSNN
    Hey, I just got the news today, I was accepted thank God. The process is not hard just make sure you got good reference letters and good essay. Are you applying as part time or full?
  5. by   Deenurs
    I'm not sure I really want to do fulltime but I don't know how feasible that is for me because I have work fulltime (3, 12hr shifts) I completed and submitted my application today I was hesistant at first because of the cost but I still went ahead and applied. How long did it take for them to review your documents and make a decision?
  6. by   RN BSNN
    It took them about 5 days to respond and my admission counselor said this is the fastest reply she had ever got for a student. It usually takes between one or two weeks
  7. by   Deenurs
    Awesome! Congratulations!
  8. by   RN BSNN
    Thank you, I wish you best of luck as well. keep us updated
  9. by   Deenurs
    I will!
  10. by   SeatownRN
    Hello all. I applied to Simmons. Still waiting for a response. If accepted I will be doing part time. Anyone know how feasible it will be to work full time and do the part time track? All feedback welcome.
  11. by   RNLG
    I just got accepted to Simmons for the May cohort, full time! I'm just waiting to hear back from GU and UCCS, but I'm thrilled!
  12. by   Deenurs
    I'm trying to fulltime and still work fulltime, idk how feasable that is though.
  13. by   RN BSNN
    I will be doing full time work and part time study. I'll try to balance between my job days and the lectures (hopefully)
  14. by   RN BSNN
    Sometimes the school won't allow you to do full time if you're working full time, that's what I've been told and that's why the school asked me to do part time instead of full which was my original request