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I am almost completed with my MSN in nursing education through Walden University. They are starting up an FNP (also adult/gerontology) program in the fall. I'm extremely interested, but not sure if it's the norm to have to... Read More

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    I just finished my MN from WSU and I had to find my own preceptors. To make things better, I live in the sticks, did most of my coursework on-line and had finding clinical sites was a nightmare. I have a friend in a NP program on-line through a program in the south, and she has had to find her own preceptors too. It's a pretty common practice, though not a very helpful one. Good luck!!

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    I got my MSN from Walden and--yes, I had to find my own mentor for my project. I got the specialty in Nursing Education and asked one of the faculty for the ADN program to mentor me. She was happy to. Go to your local nursing education program for a mentor. I'm sure you will find many teachers happy to help you. Good luck!
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    I also was responsible for finding a preceptor. My program had a list of several willing clinic sites and made an effort to help students with the process. I commuted 2 hours each way for lecture, so I decided to find a preceptor that was closer to home. I found an excellent site. It took some time for the clinic and university to develop a contract, but after that things went well. My instructor seemed pleased during site visits and I feel that I had a rich and rewarding clinical experience. Best wishes to you and I hope you have an excellent experience as well.
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    Quote from Tinabeanrn
    I wasn't trying to be mean or anything but it is what you said. And I if you wouldn't want to go see a surgeon that had to find their own clinicals I understand that. To each his own. But being an N P is different than medicine, obviously. And its a much smaller community of my school you couldn't just pick a random name out of a hat. You had to find decent sites. 9 times out of 10 they knew the N P. They evaluate the site and Preceptors experience before you can start clinical. Then they ask you to let them know if the experience is not going well, which you would have to do either way. It's not like your being thrown to the wolves. And yes it is unfortunate at times, but the majority of the time it works out just fine.
    I dunno. I mean, you're in charge of assessing, diagnosing, and treating illnesses. I just don't think there is any excuse for the preceptor thing, and I would be horrified if I knew that my provider (MD/DO, NP, or PA) had to go begging for preceptors because their program didn't care at all who trained them. I know your program wasn't necessarily like that, but many, many are.

    I think the online/for-profits are the root of this problem.
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    A friend of mine is currently enrolled in a DNP program where she is required to secure her own preceptors. She has spent many hours cold-calling practices within her state to secure preceptors. She has to drive several hours to complete her clinical hours but she considers herself lucky as many of her classmates have had to drop out for the semester due to the inability to secure preceptors.

    A former colleague complained that his preceptors were unsure what they were supposed to teach him. He along with the intensivists I spoke with encouraged me to attend a program affiliated with a medical center that would also arrange my clinicals. I'm glad I took their advice.

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