Fall 2012 NP Applications - page 12

Hey Everyone, I'm applying to nurse practitioner programs for Fall 2012. Anyone else out there? Maybe we can encourage each other during the process. I'm applying to: University of Arizona DNP/FNP UAB FNP USA DNP/ENP and... Read More

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    Yes...today I did.

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    Just received it. Now I'm even more scared. What's that all about?
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    I was so excited about finding out this week. Ugh..let me know if you get anymore emails from them. I have read on here that in the past some people also get emails of intent to accept. I didnt get that one. I am worried.
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    I've read that on here too. I'm worried too. I just want it to end. I cannot express how I'm beating myself over the head about my essay. UAB delayed their decision letters by over a month. I'm dying!!
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    What is wrong with your essay. Yours was 6 pages right? I am worried. I forgot to double space. Plus your gpa is better than mine. I am sure you will be accepted!
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    It was 4 pages. My UAB one was 6 pages now that I've looked back on them. I just think it was vague compared to my UAB and University of Arizona essays. What's your GPA?
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    My overall is only a 3.0 and my nursing is right at a 3.5
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    Nope guys, never got the email for USA. Is that for the dnp and msn programs?
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    The dnp. I wish I would have applied for both to increase my chances
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    One more day before letters go out. Has anyone heard otherwise? I'm on pins and needles. I've just resigned myself to thinking I wasn't accepted......start grieving early lol

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