ETSU ROPD - FNP Program 2013

  1. 0 Hello! I have been accepted into the ROPD FNP prorgram at ETSU for fall of 2013. I am working on scheduling my classes and wanted to seek advise from any student who had gone before me... How many classes can I take at a time - if I take 10 credit hours for this fall (Theoretical Foundation, Advanced Patho and Assessment) will I be overloaded or is that a reasonable amount? I will not be working full time... I did do an online BSN program and it was pretty writing intensive - is this what I should expect for patho? advanced assessment?

    I would really appreciate any information any of you could give me. Thank you for taking your time to answer this...
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    Congrats! Good Luck. I have applied to the same program for Spring 2014.

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