Drexel Post masters psych fall 2017

  1. Is anyone in the same boat? I applied for Drexels post masters psych program for fall 2017 admission (already have my fnp) and have yet to get an answer. I am a little anxious to know. Or is anyone in the actual program willing to share what to expect? Any info is much appreciated Thanks
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  3. by   IATravelerRN
    I also have applied to Drexel's post master's psych NP program for Fall 2017. My application has been complete since April 2017. I contacted grad online admissions and they advised applicants would be notified between June - July 31....
  4. by   momern2fnp
    OMG! So I guess the wait time must continue I wish the process was a little faster, for sure. So I take it you are in the same boat as I am? Good luck to you!!!
  5. by   PSYCHNPGUY
    I got accepted end of June , thinking about starting a private facebook page , has any body heard much about the program
  6. by   wayemika
    I applied and was accepted. I'm starting a group for us. Send me your Facebook info and I will add you to the group once you are accepted
  7. by   momern2fnp
    When did you find out? I am still waiting. Whats the group name? Can you email me? momern2fnp@hotmail.com, thanks in advance.
  8. by   wayemika
    It took me about 4 weeks to find out. I applied as early as I could. What's your Facebook name? I can add you to my profile and then group
  9. by   momern2fnp
    I just found out I was accepted into the program today. Yay!!!
  10. by   momern2fnp
    Email me: I don't like to post personal info on here.
  11. by   momern2fnp
    Whats the name of the group, so I can join? Thanks in advance for your time!!!
  12. by   wayemika
    Drexel Post masters psych fall 2017
  13. by   momern2fnp
    I can't find it. my name is same as allnurses.