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Drexel PMHNP - page 2

Is anyone currently attending the psychiatric/mental health NP program at Drexel University? All information welcome. Thanks in advance!... Read More

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    Do all of you who were accepted into the PMHNP program have a background in mental health nursing? Do they accept applicants with a more medical background who are interested in Psych?
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    I was accepted and my psych experience is dealing with incarcerated patients. That's it! Good luck to you!
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    I am curious how all of you feel about Drexel University Psych NP program now that you are almost finished or finished! I am thinking about starting this Fall '15 but I have to get Drexel 'approved' for my employer to reimburse for part of the tuition and I would like to know before I go before the board. Thank you!
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    I just began the program Fall 14. So far I am very happy with the layout of the online classes, and the professors are extremely hands on and helpful. I am working 24 hours a week and honestly at this point I could work full time if I needed to without my studies suffering.

    i really can't think about any negatives about the program so far other than the fact that it's considered to be part-time that takes almost 3 years to complete with no full-time option.

    p.s. Courses I've taken so far: Advanced Pharm, Advanced Ethics, Advanced Pathophysiology, and Confronting Issues in Healthcare
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    I'm anxiously waiting to find out if I will be accepted for the fall 2015! Glad to know it's working well for you. Good luck! Any advice?
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    My biggest bit of advice is not to be afraid to ask the professors for help and tips for success. They are very interested in the students succeeding and will give you everything you need to be successful. At least so far. Inbox me if you get accepted I can recommend a couple of professors.
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    Hi! I have also applied to the PMHNP for Fall 2015. I currently work in psych as an RN, but have less than one year experience. I was told by an admissions counselor that as long as you'll have one full year's experience by the time you start clinicals, that it's acceptable. I'm wondering how competitive this program is for admission, though! Do those of you who've attended have a lot more experience in mental health?
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    When I applied I was told that psych experience is not a requirement. Perhaps they have changed that now? When I applied I guess it was a non-issue, but at the time I had less than a year experience in psych as well. I think that you should be fine as the rest of the requirements are met. I was a competitive applicant, having a 3.85 BSN GPA but I was only accepted into 4 programs out of 12 that I applied, Drexel being the one I chose.

    Like I said, so far so good. Right now I am in finals week of my 3rd quarter, and am finishing up a Quality course, and a Research course. The research course is tough, but manageable.

    Good Luck!
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    Glad I found this thread. I am also awaiting a decision for Fall 2015! I have 5 yrs experience split between med/surg and psych.
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    Hi, Just got accepted to Drexel NP program for fall 16. Also got accepted to a local university (in class). Trying to decide which to do. Glad to hear you like the program. Did you have any trouble finding preceptors? How did you find Advanced Pharm and Patho? Although I did very well in those courses for my BSN, I found them challenging.

    Appreciate any advice and input.
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    Congrats! I have no trouble finding preceptors but I have superb connections so I can't speak for others. They do help you if you can't find one locally. But they can only do that for you in the Philly area.

    honestly advanced pharm and advanced patho were among the easiest courses for me. The professors did a great job preparing us which allowed to better focus.

    year two gets a more challenging with research courses being a pain in the you know what. And with psycho pharm and advanced assessment being pretty rough. But again, the professors for the most part are very hands on and prepare us well. But some of my friends tell me some professors are not as good. But I haven't had a bad professor yet.

    there are many reasons I like Drexel. They are a highly reputable university for over 125 years. They've been doing online for a long time so they have it down right. Professors are very attentive. I have a year left and only have clinical course left and so far I am very happy.

    i would recommend anyone to choose Drexel.

    PM me if you want some more helpful details to help you decide.
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    Quote from bigerk60
    My biggest bit of advice is not to be afraid to ask the professors for help and tips for success. They are very interested in the students succeeding and will give you everything you need to be successful. At least so far. Inbox me if you get accepted I can recommend a couple of professors.
    Hi bigerk60, BSN, RN!

    I begin in the PMHNP program this Fall and I would greatly appreciate it if you were still willing to recommend a couple of professors. I am not able to send PM's yet, but my email is ym828k@gmail.com Thanks so much for any recommendations that you can offer!