Changing NP educational requirement to DNP by 2015?

  1. 0 I am currently a junior in a BSN nursing program. I have always had a long term goal of continuing my nursing education into the graduate level, and I have seriously considered becoming an NP. I have not determined a specialty at this time.

    However, a few of my fellow classmates were discussing (as if it were common knowledge) that the educational requirements for most advanced practice nurses (including NPs) will be of a doctorate level by 2015.

    In my research, I have discovered that this is a proposal by accrediting agencies that was approved in 2006. However, it is not a requirement.

    Is there anyone that can give me any solid, current information on this matter?
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    There are at least a dozen threads on this exact same topic. So, if you don't like my response do a search and you will likely find hundreds of other responses.

    DNP can be proposed as the standard all day long (just as BSN for entry into nursing practice) but until either the state BONs or the accrediting bodies require it the MSN will remain the entry level degree for NPs. My prediction is that the BSN and ASN history will mirror the DNP and MSN progression. 50 years from now I am reasonably sure there will still be MSN prepared NPs.
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