Can I work in ped's with a FNP instead of PNP? Can I work in ped's with a FNP instead of PNP? | allnurses

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Can I work in ped's with a FNP instead of PNP?

  1. 0 I am looking at going back to school and want to make sure I choose the correct path. I have worked as an RN in the NICU for 3 years and pediatric surgery for 1 year.

    I want to work as a NP primarily with kids. I am moving to an area in rural Montana so I am trying to decide if it is a better idea to go the FNP route. One reason being the flexibility and another being that I will have to do a distance program and there are not many distance/online PNP programs out there.

    Does anyone know if you can practice primarily with kids even if you have a FNP instead of a PNP?

    Thanks for any help!!
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    FNP can, in theory, do anything a PNP can do. PNP's generally come out of school with more Peds clinic experience, but after the first year or two it might be difficult to tell the difference if both worked primarily wih Peds patients. Maybe some Peds NPs will chime in for you.