Can I still get into a Nurse Practitioner program?

  1. 0 I"m in a Bachelor's program for Nursing right now. Currently I'm just taking the pre-reqs. I have a 3.1 gpa right now. I got a D+ in the first course of A&P and I need to retake it. I'm just wondering if that will hinder me from getting into a Nurse Practitioner program after graduation?
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    Current trend among NP programs is to increase scholastic requirements. I was told, and saw it myself when researching programs, that for anything but diploma mills undergrad GPA must be above 3, and better still above 3.5

    If you repeat pre-requisite with a good score, that won't be a problem. But repeating a nursing course will be.
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    I think as long as the rest of your grades are mostly As and some Bad you will be fine. I have to admit to being concerned over a D in A& only gets harder.
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    My advisor told me not to bother applying unless I had a 3.5 GPA when I started my BSN. I worked myself to the bone to get it (since I also work 60+ hours a week and did all through school) but I did, and I started my NP program this month. You can do it, but be prepared to grind for those grades to make it happen!

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