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Hi everyone, I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN. I am currently looking for a job, but am wondering what kind of nursing job would be the best experience to prepare me for entry into a FNP in a... Read More

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    I left a med/surg/tele floor after a few years for the ER because of the possible help it would be for NP school. We serve about 70% under/uninsured, so many many primary care cases come through our doors as well as acute. We also have a Minor Care area open part of the day that we all rotate through periodically that sees just those types of pts. This has been extremely helpful, but I must say, I agree with a previous poster about wanting to fix everything now now now because of my experience. And my mind immediately flies to loads and loads of testing that needs to be done for just the simplest of things it seems. My preceptor laughs at me sometimes because I tend to overanalyze situations. A 74 year old male with dizziness..oh man, cardiac workup in the ER! But my preceptor looks at his chart and says that since he was started recently on X medication then that is why he's dizzy. Deflate my huge trauma balloon! The ER has taught me to differentiate between sick and not sick, though. That may sound stupid, but it is horrendously important to be able to pick up on the subtle clues that will tell you, "Hey idiot, you can't handle this in the outpatient setting." LOL! Good luck with whatever you choose!

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