Beating a dead horse but ANP primary vs acute

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    I started an Adult NP program from the only school in Florida that still offers the BSN-MSN NP degree. After this whole "national practice change" to adult-gero, it seems they added the option of adult acute care (which wasn't there before). I am only in my second semester, taking classes that go towards both specialties but I am wondering if I am choosing right.

    My ideal NP job mixes specialized outpatient care with a limited amount of inpatient care. Either that or possibly working in an urgent care. I have worked as a nurse in a PCU level transplant/surgical unit for over 1.5 years.

    I figure this sets me up for what I am in (Adult Primary) but I am not sure. Acute care NP sounds enticing but I have heard ICU experience is necessary and I have no desire to work in the ICU. Also, for me, FNP doesn't even factor. I would rather not re-learn and adapt all the medical knowledge I have acquired thus far to facilitate thankless demi-humans and their demon parents.

    I know this subject has been beaten to death but does this seem like a viable choice for what I am looking for? Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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