Baby in the beginning of FNP program? Ball State?

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've read through some old posts regarding having a baby while in an FNP program. Most have dealt with what it's like to have a baby near the end of the NP program. What is it like to have a baby in the beginning of the program, and then continue on with your studies? Anyone do this?

    Honestly, I thought I'd wait a while to go back to FNP school (after I start my family, and my kids are a little older), but after reading through some programs, I found one that allows you to take up to 6 years to finish, which would allow for family/work obligations. I mean, 6 years is a long time. I do realize that it's demanding in terms of clinicals, etc, but still, I feel like it wouldn't be unreasonable to finish in that amount of time, and still have a life. And, this is my priority; I don't want to sacrifice time with family for going back to school. My hubby and I have already worked opposite schedules long enough, not by choice obviously, but family is my biggest priority. I'm looking at Ball State since they value previous education (already have another bachelor's and wanted to bypass the BSN), and it looks like a good value. I wouldn't start until Fall 2013 (if accepted), and my husband and I do want to start our family within the next year. (I really don't want to be 95 when my kids graduate high school lol; I'm already in my upper 20's). And, I read that in the beginning of this program, there are no clinicals, so I wouldn't be dealing with clinicals and work while pregnant. I have a very supportive hubby who wants me to go back to school.

    Obviously, I would only start the program if our finances allowed for it (meaning that we could afford for me to go to school even if I wouldn't work at all, though I'm not planning on that. I plan on working while in school, but I definitely want the option of not having to work in case it's a demanding pregnancy or something. And, once the baby is born, I'll definitely be working PRN, school or no school).

    I saw a few say they were impressed with Ball State, but haven't finished yet. Anyone finish Ball State's FNP or any other MSN program? Glad you chose Ball State? Thanks for reading!
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    My son was born 2 weeks before the start of my first FNP semester. It couldn't have been better timing. The first two semesters were not as demanding and I was able to spent a lot of time with him. My program started with OB and newborns and I was a leg up having just gone through it as well as having a baby at home to practice exams on. As I progressed and he grew, it was in perfect timing for pediatrics and developmental milestones an vaccinations. It rally worked out great. By the time I was at clinical for 30 hours a week he was into a daycare and living it.
  4. by   Good Morning, Gil
    Thank you for your response! I sort of figured it wouldn't be that bad as this particular program is front-loaded academic only courses (no clinicals/practicums until the end), though the way your program was set up was ideal for your circumstance. I'd say you got pretty lucky! I don't think I'll time my pregnancy for the baby to be born for my OB rotation lol, pretty hard to time these things lol, but it worked out nicely for you!

    I'm really leaning toward this particular program because I feel that it is the best for both work and family life. Not to mention, it's a great educational value/well developed program. We'll see, though. In the research process right now .