Area of nursing before FNP?

  1. Hi all,
    I am a BSN student looking for a student nurse job. Many times where I go to school, the student nurse moves into the RN position in the department that he/she works in. In looking for a student nurse job, I'm hoping to get some advice as to what areas to apply for to gain the most experience and to best prepare myself as a student and later an RN for when I apply to the MSN program to work toward my ultimate goal of family nurse practitioner. What area/s of nursing do you think best prepare one for the family nurse practitioner role? Thanks!!
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  3. by   LillyFish
    I should mention that there is a possibility for me to get a Peds ER position. Also, we need 2+ years experience as an RN before applying to the MSN program for the NP track. So I anticipate having 1 year student experience plus 4+ years as an RN before receiving my MSN degree. I've read several threads on this forum and it seems that ER and ICU are good experiences. Would you agree?
  4. by   ChristineN
    What type of experience you should get as an RN really depends on what sort of practice you wish to work in as a NP. Sure the ICU is great, and you can learn alot, but if your goal is to work in primary care where you won't see vents or titrate gtts, then ICU might not be the best.
  5. by   LillyFish
    I would like to work in a clinic/dr's office.
  6. by   KyelvertonRN
    I'm working in acute care in the oncology unit, but i'm applying to FNP programs. I'm also volunteering at a free clinic that is helping with family practice experience.