Applying to ACNP at U of MD.

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    Hello Just seeing if anyone is or has applied to the ACNP program at the U of MD. Does anyone know if interviewing is a part of the process and if so what to expect during the interview??
    It would be nice to get a little heads up on what to expect, right now I've already submitted my app for the fall 2013.

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    Are you applying the the Trauma/ER/ICU program or is it a different ACNP program?? I ask as I am interested in learning a little more about the program. I have had my eye on the program website recently and noticed that after Fall 2013 all incoming cohorts will be earning a DNP as opposed to a Masters. I wonder how much it will affect application numbers?? Thanks.
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    Yes, it's all the same program (acute care/ Trauma). Yes I noticed that too that after the fall they will switch over to a DNP, something I dont really want to do but I do really want to go to Maryland. That's why Im really hoping to get in this fall.
    Not sure How it will affect the number of applicants, but I dont know a lot of people who are dying to get their doctorate in nursing.
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    Well good luck on submitting your application. That is the type of nursing I would eventually like to enter, but I am also not sold on getting a DNP. I am finishing an accelerated BSN program for second degree students this Spring. As of now, I will still need some decent experience prior to submitting any grad school applications, but I am excited anyway.

    What type of experience do you have and how much?? Are you from Maryland or will you be relocating?? Again, good luck and be sure to let the group know your status and how the process unfolds.
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    WaldorfRN,I am finishing the acnp program at md this semester. It's a great program- I've learned so much and the faculty is very supportive. I did have an interview with 2 faculty members and the head of the program. If you have any questions let me know and congrats!
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    reggaemuffin, what types of experience do students in your class have in this program? How many years of experience? How many students are accepted each year? Do you find the coursework challenging

    I ask because I am also interested in this program as well. I am graduating this Spring with my BSN as a second degree in which I have done well. I am looking to get some quality experience before applying (preferrably in ICU or ER) as it is likely a competitive program. I know the better I can make my resume, the better chance I have of getting accepted when I submit an application. I will be looking at the DNP when I apply which does not excite me, but the curriculum and program itself does.

    Any and all information you pass along is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    reggaemuffin, Congratulations on completing the program!! I finally got a call for an interview (in a week and a half), and Im very nervous!! They lady did tell me that there will be 2 faculty members and one admissions person there. My question is do they ask clinical questions about me as a current ICU nurse or will they ask NP type questions?? I just want to be as prepared as possible. ANY advise would be helpful! They also said I will have to a ten minute essay.

    Thanks, Waldorf
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    WaldorfRN congrats on your interview. Do you know if all the NP programs sent out all their interview request already?
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    Quote from Pengrn2005
    WaldorfRN congrats on your interview. Do you know if all the NP programs sent out all their interview request already?
    I don't know if all of the programs sent out their request but I'm sure it's got to be around this time frame if they're starting in the fall. Just thinking about a friend of mine who applied to an FNP program at another school, she had said that she got her acceptance letter around early April (they didn't interview). So I would say between now and the 1st couple weeks of April.
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    Thanks Waldorf RN,
    Good Luck with your interview

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