Applying to NP school with a C in anatomy?

  1. I might get as low as a C in Anatomy. How will this affect my chances of being admitted to an NP MSN program - assuming everything else about my app is good?

    I should also say that I'm going to apply for psych/mental health so I'm guessing anatomy is *slightly* less relevant than say, acute care nursing or even family nursing.
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    Grades are not everything.

    A C in a major per-req will likely significantly hinder your application. If you have stellar references, a solid application packet, and decent overall GPA, maybe it won't matter.

    I would try to schedule interviews and be prepared to justify your low grade. Psych does not mean you don't need to have a good knowledge of anatomy.
  4. by   priorities2
    Thank you for the response. At this point, I could still get in a B- in the course, and I'm guessing that would be substantially better in terms of eventually applying to NP school. I've actually had straight A's until this semester, except one A- in a lab. I'm taking micro, phsl, and anat (all separate courses) all at once right now and along with some personal issues it's just been too much. If I do get a C/C+, would you recommend retaking anat next summer - even if I'm already done with half my BSN courses?
  5. by   running_nurse
    I had a few C's in undergrad. I actually didn't pass anatomy and ended up fulfilling the requirement at the community college. When I applied to NP school (the same school where I went to undergrad), they actually had me take the required pathophysiology course (and obtain a B or higher) prior to admitting me. An extra hoop to jump through, but nothing major.

    It was actually kind of nice, because while everyone was stressing the 1st semester over pathophys, I was all relaxed because I had already taken it

    I'm now a Peds NP.
  6. by   priorities2
    Running_nurse: Thank you so much for telling me your story! That makes me feel a lot better! Congrats on your success. I'm thankful that I've already applied for a BSN major and have confirmed that my admission won't be rescinded if I get accepted and then get a C in anatomy. I think I will retake it at a community college next summer if I do get a C, just because I truly feel like I could do better (I lost 5% of my grade by accidentally forgetting about on online quiz... ugh!).