Anyone studying for the PMHNP exam?

  1. HI there! I just finished up my course work and will be graduating in a couple of weeks. I have started studying for the board exam and I am using the ANCC book and I also bought the Fitzgerald's program including the book and the CDs. I am listening to the CDs in my car and also studying with the books 2-3 hours a day and plan to take the exam ASAP. What are you using to study? And how prepared/un-prepared do you feel to take the board exam? What is your study plan? Also, have you started interviewing for jobs?
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  3. by   Mookiepsychnp
    I am also graduating in a couple of weeks and have been using the ANCC review book and Barkley's review book and CDs. I also use various psychiatry test question books to see how I'm doing. Barkley is supposed to have a test bank available any day now with 100 questions for $24.95. I also want to take my exam as soon as possible and feel that I will be ready by the end of May.
  4. by   Chaoticdreams33
    Hi MookieBSNRN! Congrats on your graduation. I have been waiting for the Barkley DRT practice tests for months! I hope they come out soon, I feel like I am ready to take a practice test and see how I am doing and where to focus the rest of my studying on. How are you liking the Barkley review? I think Fitzgeralds is ok so far, but the CDs are not as detailed in some areas as I would like, and too detailed in areas that I don't need!
  5. by   Mookiepsychnp
    Chaoticdreams33 congrats to you as well!! I spoke with someone at Barkley a week ago and they said the DRTs would be available within a week or so. I've been checking daily, but nothing so far. Barkley review is pretty good, I feel most of the review courses cover the same information in different formats. Some of my classmates have Fitzgerald and the review book is very similar to Barkley. Have you taken the test questions ANCC offers on their website for $99?
  6. by   Chaoticdreams33
    I agree, even the ancc book and fitzgeralds have essentially the same info in them, just organized a little differently. I did do the ancc questions on their site a few months ago before I really even started to study and I didn't feel that they were too difficult. I printed them all out and I plan to do them all next weekend and see where I am at now after all my studying. Have you tried them? I am the only psych NP student graduating next week, all the rest are done in Aug so I don't have anyone to talk to that is studying right now, so thank you!
  7. by   Mookiepsychnp
    Chaoticdreams33 I sent you a PM and the Barkley DRTs are finally available.
  8. by   megank5183
    Hi Guys,

    Not meaning to hijack this thread, but I am more in my first year of a PMHNP program. I hear such different things from people about the job market. Curious about your experiences thus far job hunting? Congrats on graduation!!
  9. by   Chaoticdreams33
    Thanks Mookiebsnrn! I took the first one last night and there were some things on there that I honestly never heard of! I copy and pasted everything I got wrong so I can study it more. Now I know where to focus so that's good.
    Megank5183 no problem, Ask whatever you'd like! I think the job market widely fluctuates depending on where you're looking/living. I have applied to jobs in CT and MA. I applied for 4 jobs so far and got called back and have interviewed or have set up interviews with 3. One offered me a job and I declined because the supervision was not enough for my comfort. The Salary around here is about 85-100k for full time new grad psych NPs. And there are several other job postings on my list that I want to apply for, but I am waiting until after I pass my boards hope that helps!
  10. by   Mookiepsychnp
    Chaoticdreams33 I also took it last night and it did give me some things to focus my studies on. My test is adult so some of the kiddie questions, I just went with gut
    Megank5183 I haven't applied for any jobs yet but I think it really just depends on your area how the job market is. You can do searches on indeed to see what the job openings in your area look like.
  11. by   megank5183
    Thanks, guys! It seems that a lot of jobs are out west or in the northeast. I am so jealous that you guys are done It's nice to hear about the pay range you are being offered....thanks for the advice. I'm sure you guys are going to do fine on the exam. How long ago did you guys graduate? I heard from FNP friends that it takes a good amount of time aftern graduation to get all the paperwork sent in to be able to sit for the test....keep me updated on how the test goes....BOL!!
  12. by   Chaoticdreams33
    Thank you MeganK! I will definitely post again here with my test experience! This year the ANCC is allowing you to take the test with just your grades in, but they won't send you your cert until they get the degree conferred transcript, but yes the paperwork process does take time and I think a lot depends on your school too. My nurse registrar at the ANCC has been awesome about communicating with me about what sh has received etc. My graduation is this Sunday.
    I did just speak with a friend/colleague/preceptor about the exam and she is assuring me that it is easier than I am anticipating... Lets hope so!
  13. by   Chaoticdreams33
    SO I keep meaning to update and I keep forgetting! I passed the exam on 5/23/13 and got my license on 6/10/13. This is what I wrote to my professor when she asked me about the exam-

    I feel like I was well prepared, I used the ANCC book, ANCC practice questions, and the the Fitzgerald book and CDs. I also used two apps on my phone with psychiatry practice questions and case studies. They were great, I felt like I had a good handle on the diagnosing and prescribing and neuro because of them, but then I felt like I didn't get "enough" of those questions! I also made CDs of myself going over the ANCC book so I could listen in my car (my commute is 45min so don't want to waste that time). I definitely felt like I had no idea about some questions, but others were very easy. I will paste what I just sent to a friend-

    I finished the exam with 1.5hrs to spare, then spent 0.5hrs reviewing the questions I marked (there were a lot that I wasn't 100% on). I only changed 2 answers and there were still a good number (maybe 25-30?) that I wasn't 100% sure on or even 90% sure on. I didn't feel like I had TONS of questions on any one subject, I did feel adequately prepared, but still as I hit "end exam" I wasn't feeling like it was a slam dunk and I was very nervous. Some of the questions were confusing, but lots of them seemed very "easy" and straightforward to me. Many of them were easy to figure out the answer from the question even if I didn't fully know the content.
    I definitely felt like I wanted way more clinical questions, I don't believe I had a single question on actual diagnostic criteria. I had 5 questions on Zyprexa (easy), probably about 10 on neuro, at least 5 on quality improvement, and at least 5-6 on research. Plenty of easy ones on communication, medications, and a few straight medical assessment questions too. A good amount on child/adol but I think I only had two question on geri and they were both about Erikson's stages. At least 5-6, maybe more on Erikson's stages. One question on theory (answer was Orem which I was stunned to remember lol). A few on collaboration, one on coding, one on the code of ethics, one or two on the standards of practice. I am trying to remember everything I wrote down! The only notes I took were about things I wanted to remember to tell people haha. It felt like a LONG time to stay focused for, but I did it straight through and it was ok.
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  14. by   Mookiepsychnp
    Congratulations!! Your state is fast! I passed my boards on May 28th but in New Jersey they say it takes at least 2 months to receive your license!!!