anyone heard from USA

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    I applied to South Alabama for summer 2012. Has anyone gotten a letter from them yet?
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    Hi KyelvertonRN....I got my acceptance letter this past Thursday for the summer 2012 ENP program at USA. What program did you apply for? I hope you get your letter soon!
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    I received my letter about a week ago
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    I going crazy waiting to hear about my Fall apps for UAB and USA. One more week. I'm getting so anxious.
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    I havent heard from the DNP program yet but I guess I wont get in since I was accepted to the MSN. I would prefer the DNP..... but at least I got in somewhere!
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    Was it for Summer admission?
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    We will hear for fall applications for USA in a week? I thought it was close to month away?
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    @Rachela Yes Summer MSN
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    cdoesc, Fall DNP applicants will hear this week. MSN applicants will hear end of May or first part of June.

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    I applied for the Fall MSN program too just in case I'm not accepted into the DNP. Do you mind sharing your stats?