Anyone applied for Frontier class 109

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    Hey all,I applied to Frontier University class 109. I submitted my application for FNP, but wondering if I should have applied to the CNEP/WHNP. I really have a passion for Women's Health, but there isn't a great need in my area. Has anyone applied for the FNP program?

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    I actually applied for class 106... seems like it's pretty competitive this year... I wasn't accepted into 106, but they put my application in with class 109 applicants to be reviewed again.

    I also applied for the FNP program. Seems like it will make you more marketable. And I've seen FNPs in OB offices! So hopefully you should be able to still do women's health!
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    I applied to class 109, right now I am waitlisted. Have you heard anything back?
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    I found out a couple weeks ago that I was accepted into 109. I know there were a number of other girls who originally applied to 106, but had their applications pushed back to be considered for 109... I'm not really sure the difference of what happened with me vs being wait listed. I can tell you that we were instructed to respond with our decision by august 31.
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    I wonder...
    I received an email a couple a weeks ago saying that I did not make it into class 109, but I can be placed on the waiting list for 109. It also stated to reply by aug 31st.

    When you applied to class 106, did you get an email about being on the waiting list if so did you know your status on the waitlist? One of the ladies I spoke to stated that if you did not get off of the waitlist, then your application would be reviewed for the next available class which seems like what has happened in your case. Do you know anyone else who has been accepted?

    Im going to call after the 31st to see if anyone declined or deferred their admission. Congrats on being accepted!! (:
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    So you guys heard earlier than the 6-8 weeks before frontier bound?! That gives me hope of a shorter agonizing wait to hear. Lol! Good luck to all!!!
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    yep. good luck to you!
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    I was not waitlisted for 106... at least they didn't use those words... my email said they could not admit me to class 106, but were impressed and wanted to put my application in to be reviewed for class 109.

    Haha, we did find out before the 6-8 weeks before bound... but I had applied for a class in August and didn't find out I wasn't admitted until about 6 weeks before 106 bound. So it was the tortuous waiting.. and then some more waiting.

    Best of luck to you!
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    TessRN somehow I missed that you said you were accepted...CONGRATS!!!!!!!
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    Thank you! I hope you get good news!

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