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Hey Guys!! Just wondering if anyone out there is attending MUSC DNP program for Fall 2011? I just found out today that I got in!! I'm in the FNP specialty. If anyone is going and would like to get... Read More

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    Hi! Is anyone doing the FNP program taking Advanced Pathosphysilogy this summer or taken it already? I'm taking it this summer and I need some contacts so we can exchange info. I heard its tough and I'm worried. thx.

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    Good afternoon members of the 2011 MUSC DNP class. Any words do advice for on coming 2012 class? Any "I wish I knew that then" moments? Thoughts regarding class, books, clinical preceptor, I.T. Requirements etc.? Thanks for any input, Jim
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    Hi Jim! Congratuations! MUSC has a wonderful program and the teachers and staff are wonderful and very supporting, esp. Arly Douglas!!
    I am about to enter my fourth semester. As for the first year I would say study study study Patho like you've never studied before. Dr. D teaches it who is an MD and it is very fast paced and contains tons of info. Print all the modules out and have them bound at Fed Ex. Helps alot so you can look back when needed.
    Biostats is not as scary as i thought it was going to be. Second semester Epidemiology is also a class that takes alot of work and requires alot of papers to complete. Just take it one semester at a time, you will do great and congrats again!
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    Thanks for the info. I have an App Epi Biostat Healthcare, NRDNP 860, in the first semester. I do not see a pure Epi or Patho class in my program. Jim
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    I still have my sights to apply to MUSC for next year, but a coworker of mine said she wasn't accepted because her GPA was only 3.4 or something like that. She said that those accepted were usually 3.8 or better.

    I'm a bit discouraged because I'm at a 3.05 right now and even if I got an A for the rest of my BSN classes, I think the highest I'll get it a 3.4.
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    My GPA was 3.4 and I was accepted! Don't be discouraged
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    We found out they changed the classes for this year first year students.
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    how so?
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    I'm looking at MUSC for the BSN-DNP (FNP) Fall 2013.

    1) Any suggestions with the admission essay?

    2) Have you found it difficult to find your own preceptors/clinical sites?

    Thanks for your insight!
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    As for the changes to the program they added more clinical hours in the beginning of the program, they also switched some classes around.

    I don't really have any tips for the essay, just explain why you want to be an NP and what you plan on in the's not bad.
    It is a little difficult to find preceptors on your own but the school does help you if you live near Charleston. Everyone in our program didn't have any issues.

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