Any dual students?

  1. Looking for dual students that was able to take one of your board exams before graduation..... please respond I have a couple questions
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  3. by   Owlgal
    dual in what?
  4. by   aellisrn
    Dual Adult Gero Primary Care NP and WHNP. But that doesn't pertain to my question. I only want to know if dual students were able to take one of the boards between semesters- for example; I completed my AGPCNP courses but will not graduate until December because I have WHNP hours I have to complete before graduation. I'd like to know how soon the ATT for AANP is released.
  5. by   Owlgal
    Yes. It does pertain to your question. If you were going for an MBA and FNP, for example, it would be an entirely different question (and answer).

    You should check with your school (I'm assuming you're going to Vanderbilt), but I highly doubt you can board certify before you actually get your degree.
  6. by   aellisrn
    No, I am not at Vandy. I am at a different university with a dual NP program. Actually, my school has approved us to take our board certifications before our degree is awarded. The program director is submitting info on eligibility to the certifying body. Once all info is received by the certifying body, how long does it take to receive the ATT (auth to test).
  7. by   aellisrn
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