Any Direct Entry MSN programs WITH experience?

  1. I have been reading around that direct entry MSN programs do not provide the adequate experience needed to fully succeed after graduation. Are there any direct entry MSN programs that DO provide enough training? You need experience to actually apply the knowledge, since book knowledge is completely different than applying it in the real world. Do you not get enough training during your education, in the way of clinicals? On average, how many clinical hours are there per semester?

    Thank you
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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    This will vary greatly from school to school, and from state to state. In Virginia, the Board of Nursing requires that a RN program provide at least 500 hours of clinical in groups of 10:1 (ten students and one instructor) or less.

    We have a Direct Entry MSN program that provides students with at least 1000 hours of precepted clinicals. This means that students are paired 1:1 with a nurse for the entire two year program. As a means of comparison, our 4-year BSN program has 700 hours of clinical (520 hours of 8:1 grouped clinicals and 180 hours of 1:1 practicum).

    We have seen graduates of our Direct Entry program coming off of their orientation programs at their employers sooner than those of ADN and BSN programs at the same hospital. These practicum experiences also contribute to our NCLEX passrate of 100% over the past two years. Yes, every graduate passed the NCLEX on the first try in 2009 and 2010.