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ANCC NP certification exam study tips - page 2

I am interested in hearing how recent ANCC or ACNP test takers prepared for their exams. My test is next week and I have been using Fitzgerald's certification review manual as my basic guide. Do... Read More

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    Look at the ANCC site under ANCC Online Course catalog. You can pick out certification questions- cost $99.- for a 90 day access.

    What are you using to study? Anything specific you could recommend? I appreciate all the input. How long did it take you to receive permission to set up a test date?

    Good Luck next week!
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    Thanks Marion411!

    I went to Fitzerald review class - highly recommend it - excellent review!
    I also do the tests from Leik's text.
    I am scheduled for the test for July 26th. - will post after it!
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    Just FYI, I just re-listened to one of my Fitzgerald CDs and she said, "You need to get roughly 2/3 of the questions correct to pass." That's 66%, give or take.
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    Sixty-six percent?! Shooo, we GOT this!
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    As I just passed the ANCC for Adult PMHNP, I would suggest purchasing their practice questions online, using Barkley review and also the ANCC review book. As a side note, I am selling my 2011, Barkley PMHNP review guide w/CD's. If anyone is interested please PM me.
    Thanks & Good luck to everyone!