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hi, i just joined i took the psychiatric adult np exam with ancc... didn't pass the first time. i took the barkleys review course and it didn't help at all! i reviewed the course... Read More

  1. by   winny103
    It depends, do u want to go to school online or class?
  2. by   Noelleannp
    Oops. I was looking for an online program. Thanks much.
  3. by   winny103
    University of Cincinnati, university of alabama ,slu,stony brook university,university of North Dakota,eku
  4. by   Ellen NP
    Family PMHNP is now the only option. The adult only track is no longer offered just as the adult np (ANP) track has been discontinued. They are trying to prepare all specialties across the lifespan.
    I did my training at Drexel. It was a great program.
  5. by   elkpark
    Quote from Noelleannp
    I hope it is okay to post this here. I am thinking of becoming an adult psychiatric nurse practitioner and I am wondering where people received their education and how well it prepared them for the exam. I already have my BSN so I am wondering specifically about the adult psychiatric np training. Thanks much guys.
    There is no longer any such thing as an "adult" psych NP (for new people looking to become NPs, that is; the people who already have the certification are able to maintain it); adult and family psych NP roles were eliminated a few years ago as part of the restructuring of advanced practice nursing, and only the "lifespan" (child/adult/geri) certification is offered.