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hi, i just joined i took the psychiatric adult np exam with ancc... didn't pass the first time. i took the barkleys review course and it didn't help at all! i reviewed the course... Read More

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    I took the test in 2010 and it was ridiculous. It had nothing to do with what I studied or my practice. Just take the test over again as soon as you can. None of the review books helped.

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    Yes, embarrasing to say... Going on my 4th attempt with the Psychiatric NP exam. Is there anyone out there that had this experience? I mean, I don't think I'm stupid enough to not pass the exam. Although, not passing it 3 times has made me wonder! I have called the ANCC for help and they weren't helpful either. I got the run-around and they said there is nothing more they can do. I told them that there isn't enough material on psychiatric reviews out there and they agreed!... and the other thing that gets me is how in the world can they only offer these exams 3 times during a calendar year. If they're getting the money, why should they care? how many times one takes this fricken exam! These questions are tricky and threw me off. They provide you with 2-3 possible answers and I know you have to pick the best one. I really am at my wits end. Is there a test taking strategy course I can take? the questions are way different than the ANCC practice questions. There have been some similarities but for the most part they are written differently. Thank you!
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    I have no suggestions other than keep taking it. I'm a pretty good test taker and I honestly thought I failed it. Like I said the questions have nothing to do with that I studied or my practice to this day. I remember having a few questions on AIDS dementia and of course that was never covered in the review books or my school work. Also there was tons of case management type questions that had me so irritable. No one is going to pay me for case management services when I have prescriptive authority!! It's truly a ridiculous test and do not take it personally. Just keep on taking it when the bastards let you. I'm rooting for you!
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    Dear RNalby,

    Thank you soooo! much!, your words are very inspirational and I thank you for taking the time to read my comment. I agree with the case management questions... what the heck for? it's nothing we're going to be doing much of and these issues should be addressed to the case managers anyway! The other thing that sucks is that I can't take the exam until around April. ANCC only lets you take this exam 3 x per year...WOW! I mean really? it shouldn't matter how many times one takes it. From a business perspective, it's more money in their pocket, right? Well. I'll let you know how I do. I am going to pass it this time
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    I totally understand you're concern. Hope you do better the next time. Talking with the ANCC really gets you nowhere! their review classes didn't help.
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    Yes, I also failed the Pysch NP exam 3 times. Recently getting a 347 and then I got in a car accident afterwards! I also took the Adult Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Exam 3 times and getting a 347 as well 2 times (my program you could sit for either exam). I graduated with a post-masters certificate in May of 2011 and it is embarrassing and humiliating. I bought the Barkley CD's, they are in California and rarely have a course here on the east coast.
    Also, last May I went to Fitgerald's review course for 2 days for Psychiatric NP, which did help me and improved my score on the NP to 347 (from 330's).
    I really don't know what to do now. Do I just give up? I did 640 clinical hours and was working throughout my program. The program nearly killed me physically. My downfall is that I have no psych RN experience although I have been a RN in critical care and various med/surg areas for 20years. I think the test is difficult and I had the same experience where as I could eliminate 2 answers, but then had difficulty choosing from the remaining 2 answers. I almost think that I need to hire a tutor, but don't know where I would even get someone. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with this. I think the test does not test your ability, I graduated with A's and B+'s in my program and in Graduate school. Some people do not test well. If you find anything else that helps, let me know.
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    Quote from madeinheaven
    I think the test does not test your ability, I graduated with A's and B+'s in my program and in Graduate school. Some people do not test well. If you find anything else that helps, let me know.
    Don't feel bad about it at all. I passed the 1st time but I have to say that the test is horrible. The test needs to have more hardcore black-and-white neurobiological, diagnostic, and psych meds question. It helped me very little in real practice. The questions are vaguely worded. I don't have much suggestion other than doing the practice test and reading the review & resource manual front to back. Failing this test is not big deal. I have few classmates that failed the test. Just keep taking again and again, you will pass eventually.
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    Thanks for the encouragement, that's one thing I didn't do was read the resource manual that much (I have it however). So I will try to do that. I was telling my husband that going back to school was a big waste of time, but he said not to say that. It's just hard to swallow the failure with this test, I am not suprised that you said it doesn't really help in real practice.
    Thank You!
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    Keep trying folks! Like I said before that test was a load of crap. I had 7yrs psych nursing experiencing, did well in school, got the review book and none of that had anything to do with that stupid @#$ test!!! They probablly make it goofy so you can fail and they can make more money.
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    Thanks for the encouragement. I just signed up to do another review course in May. I have to sign up to take this test again, just needed some time to regroup. I am hoping that eventually I will pass. The last time my score was much better 347, but need 350 to pass. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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