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AANP scores weighted?

  1. 0 I am trying to find out if the questions on the AANP exam are weighted? I know a passing score is 500/800 with 135 questions actually counting. I can't figure out any other method for their scoring other than it being weighted. Does anyone know how the AANP is scored?
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    Well according to Leik, each question is 1 point. May be ANCC is weighted but I don't think AANP.
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    I read that too. It just doesn't make sense if there is a 700 point difference between 100-800 for the AANP. I think they changed their test since the Leik book was printed. I was reading the handbook for the AANP and it kind of hinted towards weighted scores but, it didn't come out and say it directly.
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    True !! It makes sense what you're writing.

    So, to make 800 points out of 135 Q if it is not weighted...each question is worth 5.925 rounding up to 6 points per question.
    I have broken down the math this way: out of 135 Q, you must answer 100 correctly if unweighted. If it is weighted than, its pure luck you may pass answering less than 100 Q (if you answer more hard weighted question right) or you may have to answer more than 100 (if you keep missing hard weighted question and answer simple question). Its just luck, I guess. But to be safe, one must answer 100 (may be a must) to be on borderline pass or fail and there's this thin red line above or below 100th question !!
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    I came up with the same math when I did it that way earlier. So around 6 points each. 100 out of 135 is a very narrow margin. I think I liked the NCLEX better. Lol I might just call and ask them tomorrow.
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    Did you ever call them and find out??
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    I'm pretty sure the AANP is weighted.