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Hi Everyone: I really really need some advice regarding the AANP FNP exam. I graduated last May from my FNP program. I had planned to take the exam right away but family issues occurred (my MIL was... Read More

  1. by   verypatient
    Took both AANP and ANCC. For the AANP leik will help you. Once you read the book, note the exam tips. Fitzgerald did not help a bit. I had the 2007 version of leik and it seemed that the questions were taken from her notes! For the ANCC exam , I bought the certification review
    Course book for the FNP and passed both!
  2. by   CSThelen
    I passed ANCC FNP exam this August, which did have pics and did have multiple multiples. I also had very many family distractions & crises during those weeks of study. The only way I could study was to dedicate hours by myself at an academic library reading room, bringing my snacks, books, etc. NO COMPUTER or SMART PHONE, even though it would have been occasionally helpful to look something up, it would also be too distracting, leading me to look too in-depth on topics, etc.

    I had graduated in May. I used the 3d edition Fitzgerald book, which I found very good. I also took the Fitzgerald F2F course, plus did the Fitzgerald post-weekend online modules, all were very good. I really intend to use those materials in practice, they are so helpfully concise, well-written, and up to date. I also bought the Hollier book, but it made me so mad with its various errors and out of date info (out of date mainly due to peds items, e.g., vaccinations), that I chucked Hollier after a short while.

    Best wishes on your studies, you just have to clear away the distractions, as demanding as they may be, and appear to be self-centered, at least for this little while.
  3. by   Barinbass
    I took and passed the AANP exam last wed, Sept 25. Woo hoo!! Glad that is over, but I studied my rear off! Hard to figure out what to do now with nothing to study.
  4. by   TN1982
    Barinbass , which of your study items do you believe was the most helpful for the AANP exam?
  5. by   Barinbass
    I feel by far the Fitzgerald program helped me pass the exam. I could not have gotten much at all from the 2 day lectures. I needed to immerse myself in the material, and the CDs helped me do that. Also once through wold have not done it either. I listened to them whenever driving then with the notebook and took notes as you may have read in another of my posts. I also then went back through the notebook the week before the exam to reinforce the material, my notes, and her comments. She gives great advice. I also did her online study options too. We had to take the Hesi exam while in school and from that learned which areas I was weak in. I used Fitgerald's 3rd edition to study those chapters and the other chapters to answer the questions and review. That one program was most helpful to me although the others I used provided some help. APEA test book was not as helpful as I had hoped in that it's assistance was more from a test-taking standpoint rather than content. I sold it as soon as I didn't need anymore. I will never part with Fitgerald's materials. She makes you think like an NP, and I found her program supportive. Barinbass
  6. by   pattyweb
    I took and passed the AANP in fall 2012. I did the live Fitzgerald course and also found a set of audio CDs from apea to listen to. I listened to these while driving during my last semester, as I had a 40 min drive to clinical sites and a 35 min drive to work. I was able to get through a disc a day that way. I actually listened to a short part of a disc on the day I went to take my comprehensive final for my program--- nailed 3 questions on the test from that disc alone. I also did a ton of practice questions and if I was confused on rationale for the answers I looked them up. I also found a set of premade flash cards on meds that I went through when I "had time".

    It sounds like I studied a ton, but I only had 2 wks from the day I scheduled the test and when I took it. I really hadn't gotten deep into studying until it was scheduled, other than the Fitz and apea.
  7. by   RNOB
    What were your results on ANCC? I'm going to be retaking AANP this month & freaking out!
  8. by   APRN2014
    I did the APEA review course and reviewed Fitzgerald and Leik questions for 2 weeks. I purchased a few predictor exams as well. I passed the AANP last Thursday on 1st attempt.
  9. by   ihealRN
    Congrats..!! I have a little over a year left in the FNP Program. Where did you purchase the predictor exams from? Did you feel the APEA review course was worth the money? Can you provide me some feedback on this course review.

  10. by   goldent
    I passed the exam on the may 12th--
    I am busy as you and all others- I listened to the fitzgerald after uploading to cloud so I could listen with my I phone and take it where ever I was- repedetive listening and repeating what I was listening to.
    did her online review course with modules and her voice- basically very similar to the audio but enhanced and a differnt learning seeing.
    did the liek review online course
    bought test bank questions
    did intensive study 2 weeks prior to exam

    all were helpful - I signed agreement not to share test content before taking the exam but I can say that the review courses were the most useful. I was week in diabetes. the review course question can let you eliminate down to two choices most cases.
    if yo have short time- focus on the review course with their test questions not just random questions from another source- I paid for test practice questions via ancc but these were useless to me.

    the test bank questions I did from #1 np exam review questions was useful in helping me to read test questions carefully and pay attention to what was being asked, it was also helpful in timing myself as in the real test I almost ran out of time with less than 5 minutes remaing to review marked questions.

    hope this helps you
  11. by   Barinbass
    Congratulations!! Which exam did you take and whose?
  12. by   ihealRN
    Congrats in passing the exam!! Lot's of hard work and well deserved!!

    Quick question, you mentioned the "test bank" where you've completed questions. Where or who did you complete the questions bank from?

    Did you find using Fitzgerald & Liek were the best options to use for studying?

    Thank you for your thoughts!! Congrats again for a new adventure
  13. by   goldent
    Test questions from www.familynpprep.com/

    Both leik an fitz helpful-Fitzgerald organized and explanation a bit long winded but very helpful her review questions very useful, case scenarios are useful to me especially diabetes., dyslipidemia. If not a lot of time to review leiks review manual Is concise- her online review very choppy and not professionally organized but still useful.
    Took the ancc exam
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