AANP Exam Passed!

  1. Yesterday I passed my AANP FNP exam!! I almost fell out of the chair when the screen went blank and popped up with the word PASS! Im still in shock and awe of passing my most greatest achievement! Please, Please, Please purchase the Liek book, APEA audio CDs, and the Claborn Review book of questions. I did the AANP practice exams and it didn't help me much save for boosting my confidence (took it twice and passed both times). Buying those mentioned materials is a MUST! I felt super prepared going into the exam with those books and APEA CDs! Good luck to all future candidates! Now let's see how fast I can find a job!
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  3. by   nitasarn
    Congrats So excited for you! I think we graduated around the same time. im taking mines in a couple weeks and i have to say your post for sure just gave me a boost in confidence, especially since im using the same materials except for (the clabourn book.) Good luck with everything.