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  1. I just sent my application to sit in for FNP exam after I graduate in May. I am already nervous. I will start studying from end of March. Any suggestions how to prepare for the exam regardless you passed or failed. I would love to hear from student NPs who are about to graduate this May/June/August (spring & summer 2012 graduates), what are your study plans?
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  3. by   MERCEDES674
    I am graduating in May and have been studying since January. This is what I have been doing:
    1. compiled all my powerpoints by system into a very large binder.
    2. did a systems review and read my primary care book on the conditions that didn't really understand.
    3. used fitzgerald's book to review and read almost every section.
    4. I am currently reviewing Leik's book.
    5. I plan to go back through my powerpoints just to make sure I got everything.
    6. I am taking the Amelie Hollier's review class.
    7. I also have her review CD's that I have been studying.

    I actually had time to do all this because we only had clinical hours to do and our capstone project. I have been approved to take my AANP exam, just waiting to graduate.

    Good Luck!!
  4. by   reeya
    mercedes, you are on a roll. Good for you!!! How long did it take for you to get the AANP approval & att from prometric from the first time you mailed your application? I have Fitzgerald review book but I still have yet to start reviewing it. I will start seriously reviewing from April 1st. I am actually currently going over Kaplan USMLE step 2 and 3 videos (156 hrs total). So far I like it. The videos lectures are very detailed in pathology. I just finished 19 hrs of gyn and 14 hrs of Ob video lecture. Boy, I feel like I can teach..lol. I want to finish all videos. Hopefully, they are as good as obgyn videos. After, I understand the pathology in detail, I'll start reviewing fitz review book 3rd edition. Then, I'll do Q&A from zerwekh & claborn CD. I will not attend any live courses. I had fitzgerald CDs...god that was so boring. I couldnt even finish listening to 1 cd, so I sold it back.
  5. by   MERCEDES674

    I felt the same way about those Fitzgerald CD's. Amelie is very good she is easy to listen too and you learn a lot. I would recommend her CD's. Many people say that she prepares you for the AANP. I applied at the end of Feb for the AANP and got approved this week. They need my final transcript before they release the results although, I can't test until after I graduate. They haven't sent the ATT yet I will get it 2 weeks before I graduate and the registration number a week after that. I also recommend getting the Cordina Leik book, she is very good. How soon after graduating do you plan to test?
  6. by   reeya
    I heard Amelie is easy on the ears but I don't have money to buy her CDs. But I will look into Leik's book. Her book is popular among ANPs/FNPs here on allnurses. If everything goes as planned, I am hoping to test as soon as I can. I graduate mid May. My plan is end of May to early June if AANP processes my application on time. Most of my classmates are planning to take live courses. I just don't feel $$450 is worth shelving for 2.5 days. These review classes are so expensive.
  7. by   Tinabeanrn
    Hi guys . I am smiling from ear to ear and happy to learn that I can apply to take the AAPN now, as I am graduating in May too . I have been studying since January as well. I have been reviewing all my power points and studying from Zerwekh & Claborn, Hollier (Wish I really love) and the Kaplan USMLE books that I got from my PA friend. I would LOVE to watch the videos for Kaplan. That would rock. I also have listened to Fitzgerald and Barkley cds in full. The Barkley review is pretty good as far as peds. I have been really trying to focus on things that aren't my strengths, like neuro and MS. Its hard for me to focus on one subject so I jump around a lot. And I watch youtube videos on things that I have never encountered, that really seems to help. There are some awesome 12 lead EKG videos on youtube also.

    I can't afford to attend any live classes either. I have heard Fitzgerald and Barkley so much that I could teach a class by now. I have Fitzgerald review book which I was just not that impressed with and Leik book as well, but I don't use that one too much either. Where can we get the Kaplan videos? Are they expensive?
  8. by   MERCEDES674
    I have been told that the items that Leik covers is on the test. I am making sure to read it thoroughly.
  9. by   reeya
    Tina, you can stream the videos online when you subscribe for the course at Kaplan which cost around ~ 2750. I am just lucky to have a cousin who is a medical student. She let me borrow her username and password. You can stream the videos anywhere as long as you have internet just like netflix.

    Mercedes, I just bought the Leik book on Kindle How soon are you guys planning to test after graduation. Also, what about jobs, when do you guys plan to start applying?
  10. by   Tinabeanrn
    I actually dont have the Leik book. I certainly cant afford the Kaplan thing :/. I have started looking for jobs already and got some calls but since i am not certified yet, things are on hold. I plan to take my test the first date available that I can. The guy from the AAPN said about 2 weeks after I get my unofficial transcripts. When are you planning on applying for jobs?
  11. by   MERCEDES674
    I plan to test by the end of May. I plan to finish my review books first and make sure I know and understand Amelie' s information. I don't really plan to look for jobs until I have a license.
  12. by   Tinabeanrn
    what is the title of the Leik book?
  13. by   Tinabeanrn
    I found it online at my school library. I am studying it now for free . Thank goodness
  14. by   MSPRN01
    I graduate in June and I am pretty nervous myself. I am going to purchase the review package from Fitzgerald and I have already purchased some items (pharm flashcards & derm Dx cards) from APEA. In all honesty, I am overwhelmed just thinking about sitting for the AANP exam. I am submitting my app sometime this week.