2013 GWU FNP Program

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    Hello! Has anyone else out there applied to George Washington's online FNP program for Fall 2013? I got an email saying that GW received my application and that it's under preliminary review and I'll hear more in two weeks. Just looking to see who else is out there!


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    I was accepted into gwu Fnp program
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    I have applied for the FNP program but have not yet heard anything other than I will be updated in 2wks regarding my application status, which is today. Jmunsg2010 when did you apply, and when to you receive your acceptance?
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    I submitted my application in jan. I got a response Mar 1.
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    Well congrats! I hope to join you for the fall 2013. Are you going to go full time or part time?
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    I'm still waiting to hear back over here. Received an email that said my application was in the process of being reviewed by the committee.

    Jmunsg2010 How did you get word of your acceptance?
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    I received an email as well saying my application has been forwarded to the committee. I think they are sending acceptance letters out by email with an attached link with their decision. Scrub3 when did you submit your application?
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    I submitted the day before deadline. You?
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    I am going part time and I received my response via email.
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    Thank you. I hope y'all hear something soon.

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