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  1. 1 Any chances for me getting into nursing program at USC Upstate ? I just applied for the Fall2013, and they told me my prerequisites gpa is 3.6. Any others school would you guy recommend ? I recently moved here a month ago
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    Hey, you should be good! You will get in. I got in with a GPA of 3.3 and your's way better. No worries Be prepared to give up your social life and having any REAL free time; It's work it and it will pay off! Stay focus and you will do great.
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    thanks I hope I will do fine if i get into the program
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    when you got your acceptance letter do you have to do anything ? like health check or anything like that ?
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    Hey gmhengric90 I got in at USC Upstate for Spring 14 are you already in? If so how do you like it?! I'll be starting January 14th
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    Hi Jay Q! Do you mind telling me what your GPA was when you applied? I recently applied for Fall 2014 and was just curious. Thanks!
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    Hi Hillvb I applied with a 3.2 and was accepted. Good luck, I'm sure you will get in as long as you are over a 2.9 and have nothing against you when you submit your background check! It's a great program and I am enjoying it!
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    I applied for Spring 2015 with a 3.0 cumulative GPA 3.3 prerequisite GPA and 3.0 science GPA..and I am out of state..Do I have a chance of being accepted? Also, when will I find out approximately??
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    I plan to apply for the Spring 2016, finishing up my Assoc. in May 2015, but have to finish up BIO's required in summer.
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    Since the deadline to submit my application is December 1st, for 2015 fall semester, when will I know when I am accepted or not? Also, I have a "D" right now for one of my prerequisites but I am retaking that class over again this semester. Will that effect me getting into the program or not?
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    Hey do you think 3.0 will be fine I just applied for spring 2016
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    Hey, I have also applied to upstate for spring 2016 and am wondering if I have a chance to transfer there as well. I currently go to usc columbia and I have a 3.5 I was on the waiting list for columbia so I thought I should try to look at other usc schools. If you call Upstate they will tell you if your gpa is competitive for the spring semester. But still good luck!
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    was your gpa competitive ?