TRMC Orangeburg, SC

  1. I received a phone call for an interview for the ICU/CCU at The Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg, SC. I am not from the area and don't know much about the hospital (besides the pt population and that its a rural hospital). I was wondering if anybody here would be willing to share any information that they have and if this hospital would be worth the move. If you don't want to publicly share info, feel free to PM me
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  3. by   JermaineRN
    Hello. I live in Orangeburg and I recently graduated in May and passed Nclex. I applied for the same position (July) and I haven't heard anything back. I know that they don't hire new grads but I'm going to keep on applying until they tell me to stop lol. I really loved the environment and the staff. ICU and CCU are very small units. I know that you would love it there. Give it a try. Good luck!!!
  4. by   skp27
    I have a friend who works in their ED, and another Alum in there ICU/CCU. Always hear good things about the facility and the chance for opportunities. They highly respect their nurses and are extremely supportive of their new grads. I have numerous people who work there. They are friendly, personally they would be fun work with. I applied there multiple positions there but Greenville Memorial is becoming more promising for me. But I'll talk to my friend and get info for you and post later.