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  1. I currently have a NYS license and want to get my SC license through endorsement.

    I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to apply for endorsement online through the website. I click on the link "License by Endorsement Online Application" but it just links to a PDF... it looks the same as the "License by Endorsement Application."
    Can I actually complete the entire application online or do I have to print it out and send it in? Where do I pay?

    And do I really have to go get fingerprinted?!
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  3. by   FLmomof5
    Yes, you have do fill out the paper form and mail it in. You will have to get fingerprinted, but they will do it in your current location. (It's electronic so results are fast.) You can call the SCBON and speak directly with the woman who will process your endorsement. It didn't take all that long.
  4. by   talrico
    Thank you!

    For my part I figured out what part of the problem was. I was using the Google Chrome browser and at the end of the .pdf application is a button that says "Online Application" but nothing would happen when I clicked it. When I attempted to open it with Internet Explorer however, it would link me to:

    Which is where you fill MOST of it out online.
  5. by   FLmomof5
    Exactly. "Most". LOL. I can never figure out why some states are so stubborn about converting to all online stuff. Makes life so easy!

    Good luck with your endorsement.

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