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I recently relocated back to SC for family reasons and am having a very hard time finding a job. I moved back to the Charleston area and have submitted at least 40 applications and only 1 interview. I am now submitting my apps... Read More

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    USCgal09, I was actually wondering the exact same thing! I went for an interview the other day, and of course was wearing a suit with a long-sleeved jacket. Definitely a miserable thing to wear in the Columbia heat! Does anyone else know if it is appropriate to remove your jacket during the interview?
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    I live near the charleston sc area and have a master's in psychnp. There are no jobs in this town for that specialty and I cannot relocate. I have attempted to find a job as an RN but they say I am over-qualified. I have applied to other places totally out of the nursing field--over-qualified AND too old (46 ). So, I feel really stuck. I get calls frequently during the day from agencies asking me if I am interested in so-and-so job...but they are always in another state. hmmmm. great frustration.
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    Hi! I know you said that you cannot relocate, but Columbia, SC has a great deal more opportunities for nurses. I have found a position there, and I'm a new grad! There are lots of different hospitals in Columbia. It's been a long struggle to find employment and I felt very discouraged. Hang in there and don't give up!
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    I know it's a personal question, but I'd love to know where you found employment. I graduated May 2009, got my license December 2009, and have had ONE interview since. They told me at that time they were pretty much the only hospital hiring. I did not get the job. I am now looking into getting my GA license, because I live on the border of GA and SC. I have researched military nursing even just to gain experience, but there is quite a bit of medical issues in my family right now, and I'm afraid I couldn't get away if need be if I joined. I am hoping the GA license works out!
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    Have you tried the VA Hospital? They are always looking for nurses. Check out their website.
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    I just found a job at Providence Downtown :-)
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    I have put in applications to the VA (Columbia twice) to more than one of their campuses. Never a response. I even had the charge nurse from the VA's PACU on my application; still nothing. Providence DT and NE always told me I didn't have enough experience. I'm beyond frustrated, because my mom doesn't understand that it really is difficult to find a job right now and she blames it on something I'm doing wrong. I MUST FIND A JOB SOON!

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