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RN-MSN at MUSC...any input?

  1. 0 I am looking into the RN-MSN at MUSC...their website isn't very helpful, but I would prefer info from someone who has been there. I want to know if it is a good program overall, or if I am better off getting my BSN and then getting my masters? if you go full time can you still work too or is it pretty much impossible? Is it offered online?
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    The MSN program at MUSC whether it's BSN-MSN, ASN-MSN or just MSN is about to shut down. I'm a BSN student graduating in December from MUSC and my class is the last class that can go through the MSN program. They have to start in January and go full time with no stops through December 2010- if they have any breaks in classes.. pregnancy/ marriage/ death.. they are out of the program because they have only 5 semesters to get in and get out before the MSN is replaced by the DNP degree. MUSC's advanced practice degree starting August 2009 will be the DNP.

    So my guess is- since you are asking about the program- there is no chance that you will be starting in January- so just know that MUSC's master program is on the way out. Hope this helps
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    well alrighty then...guess that answers all of that. Thanks so much
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    Wow, I'm so glad I read this! Thanks for sharing about what's going on there!
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    We will still have a NP program but it is only in FNP/ANP/PNP. It's at the doctoral level, 3 years.
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    will there still be an online option for the FNP?
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    are you talking about the Nurse Practitioner Program shutting down? What about the Nurse Educator program? Are they closing that program, too?

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    They are not shutting down the NP program, just changing it. To get an NP you need to go through their DNP program. They will still have a Masters but only Nurse Education and Nurse Administration. It is all explained at http://www.musc.edu/nursing/academics/DNP/index.htm
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    Quote from clmsngrl82
    will there still be an online option for the FNP?
    FNP (and the others) will be online only but at the DNP level. You can see more at http://www.musc.edu/nursing/academics/DNP/index.htm
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    I agree with the other posters.. most places by 2015 are making the new NP standard degree a doctorate level degree.. so NP degrees aren't being done away with- they are just upping the anti on the education level
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    Will NP with a masters be grandfathered in when (if) they change the standards in 2015?
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    we were told that's what would happen..

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