Relocating to Charleston area - places to live?

  1. Hello! If all went well on my second interview today with a hospital system in Charleston, I will be moving to the area within a month. My friend moved here in February and lives on Daniel Island. I love it, but apartments there are a bit pricier than where I currently live in Maryland, and the pay will be less. She lucked out renting a studio apartment attached to a house. I like Mount Pleasant too but it is also somewhat expensive. She lived in West Ashley before moving to Daniel Island and said that it was okay but that her complex had a lot of partying college students and some other not-so-great types of tenants. Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated! I live 10 hours away by car and I don't know if I will have any other opportunities to fully check places out. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Surg-OncRN
    I am assuming your work will be in downtown Charleston. If you want a decent price and to be close to work I would go with something in North Charleston. You can jump of I-26 and get to work in 15 min max. West Ashley is also a good choice but the nicer apartments are further from the city and usually outside of I-526. James Island is a good choice. 10min max and the prices aren't too bad over there. A lot of the nurses I work with have an apartment on James Island. It is also closer to the beach. Mt. Pleasant is expensive but it is close and not too far from the beach. I would not do Daniel Island. It is further than all the places I mentioned and over priced in my opinion. I guess James Island would be my top pick.
  4. by   Errn22
    Thanks! I got the job. I will be floating between a few ERs in the Charleston area. My friend lives in Daniel Island and it is expensive but she lucked out with her living situation. She is new down there too so she doesn't know much about the different areas. I guess I would need to find out where exactly the ERs are that I will be floating too so I can figure out where would be a central location. A friend of a friend also recommended James Island so I will look into that as well. Just stinks that I have a month to find a place to live down there and I'm a ten hour drive away!