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PTC students intrduce yourself

  1. 0 Hey! Are there any Piedmont Tech. College nursing students out there???
    Introduce yourselves...
    I'm in my last semester of the ADN program
    Can't wait till December
    I have two kids and a husband. I work weekends as a LPN
    And I love nursing!:redpinkhe
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    Congrats making it to the last semester! I just graduated from PTC ADN program in August!
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    SCLPN, I just graduated from York Tech in Rock Hill with my LPN. I am waiting on authorization to test now. I have two daughters and my fiance is in Abbeville so I will be looking for work in Greenwood. I will be enrolling at PTC to finish my RN. Where did you work on weekends while you were an LPN? I am looking at applying at Self and some of the nursing homes. I wanted to take a break before I get started back up again. Since the schools are a little different, I have to take a few more pre-req's before I can start the RN program. I am in no way in a hurry. I was just curious where the good LPN jobs are and how the pay is. I love long term care and I've been working as a Nurse Tech in med surg in another hospital on the weekends while finised school and I loved it there. I have the option of staying there and working in the med surg dept as a LPN but I want to be closer to my girls and my fiance. And advice would be great. Good luck to you also. Moo Moo
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    Moo Moo
    Congrats on finishing LPN school!! I think the higher paying jobs for LPN's here is in long term care. I work at Martha Franks in Laurens on the weekends. I will finish in Dec.'08 with my RN and I would love to work at Self in LDRP or on med-surge just for the experience. I took a few months off between LPN and going back for my RN. I really think the work experience helped me pull a lot of things together that I had learned in school but didn't have hands on experience with.
    By the way, I think Abbeville has a great little hospital too. I did a lot of clinicals there through LPN school.
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    Hi. I no this post is kinda old but I go to ptc n I fail my first semester. I think because I don't test well, I don't take very good notes and I don't understand the nclex questions. Do anyone still have their notes or anything from the program that I might b able to use ( Also, I do have an nclex book and well I still don't get it.
    Thanks in advance

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