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  1. I recently applied for priority admission to the Fall 2013 Accelerated Nursing Program at MUSC. I started this thread to makej contact with anyone else that may have applied priority or is planning on applying regular admission for Fall 2013. Anyone out there?
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
  4. by   cclair01
    I am applying for general admission for the MUSC Acc BSN program this month. That's awesome that you could apply for Priority! What does the application process consist of?
  5. by   shakes320
    You need to fill out the online application, turn in all transcripts from previous schools, plus a very short (100 word) essay and 3 letters of reference. I missed priority admission last time because of a missing transcript from 14 years ago , so make sure you send them all. You can download all the necessary forms from MUSC's website. Good luck!! Keep me updated.
  6. by   pura-vida
    Does anyone know if we have to send transcripts of college courses taken in high school? That's been confusing for me during all of my application processes. Thanks!
  7. by   shakes320
    I imagine if you received college credit, you should send it in...better safe than sorry. On a bright note, I received my acceptance letter yesterday in the mail Super stoked!! Anyone have information about safe housing areas or any nuggets of information from locals? Im relocating from New Hampshire; just looking for any advice to make the move easier. Thanks!!
  8. by   Belle83
    Congrats!!!!!! I applied for regular admission, so hopefully I will be posting about my acceptance next month. I was too afraid to apply for priority. Was unsure as to whether my grades were good enough.
  9. by   amys1029
    I also applied for regular admission for fall 2013. I'm alittle nervous and don't know my chances of getting accepted. My cumulative GPA is a 2.96, pre-reqs are 3.7, and science pre-reqs are 3.7. I have a year and half of CCMA experiance at a Family Med Practice and have my CCMA Certification. I am however out of state, which I'm worried could hurt my chances of getting accepted. Can anyone else give me their statistics or let me know if they have gotten accepted with similar GPA averages???
  10. by   Belle83
    @ Amys1029.....My GPA is a 3.6, my pre-reqs is about the same as yours, a 3.7. I've spent the past seven years in the classroom as a math and science teacher. I served in the HealthCorps (AmeriCorps) for two years as a radiologist assistant and completed numerous community health service projects while serving. I looked at past blogs of students who have already gotten into the program and their stats got me feeling very nervous. And, don't let the out-of-state status worry you. The first person who is on this blog is an out-of-state student, so that should give you much hope.
  11. by   amys1029
    @Belle83- It's actually my cum GPA & out of state that have me nervous. I can't seem to find much information from past ppl that have been accepted. Do you know how many students they are accepting in the fall?
  12. by   Belle83
    @ amys1029- They only accept 60 each semester, which is another aspect that has me nervous. I read in the past, that the application volume has gotten up to 300. I've begin looking into other avenues in the event I don't get in. Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?
  13. by   amys1029
    @Belle83.....Nope not at all I'm from NJ, but eventually will be moving to SC with my bf after I complete a program if it's not in sc. I did get accepted into Drexel's ACE program for fall 2013 so if I don't get into musc I will b going there.
  14. by   Belle83
    Congrats on that. I got into their program for fall 2012, but opted not to go because it was a bit costly and I began fretting about leaving my daughter. So..... lets keep our fingers crossed in hopes of being classmates at MUSC.

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