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I recently applied for priority admission to the Fall 2013 Accelerated Nursing Program at MUSC. I started this thread to makej contact with anyone else that may have applied priority or is planning... Read More

  1. by   babygyrl9706
    I got an spoke with a person in admissions office and they said that there's close to 400 applicants that's being processed. Wow, that's scary!
  2. by   babygyrl9706
    sorry for awkward sentences, I'm at work
  3. by   jnlaw
    Wow... that is scary but it will be fine. Does anyone have second choices? I've already got into Trident so I'll be headed there if the verdict isnt good for MUSC.
  4. by   Belle83
    @ jnlaw....Same here...Trident is my back-up plan..Did you apply for the accelerated track for the fall?
  5. by   ml52789
    Just got the email about applying for financial aid- I wish they would send it AFTER you're accepted- I got excited for no reason.

    Hopefully we will all hear something in the next 3-4 weeks!
  6. by   jnlaw
    @ Belle83 I havent as of yet because Im currently taking my last pre req and the advisor there told me i couldnt apply until all pre reqs were finish. They also have a merit program for students that have already been accepted to start a semester earlier. I'm going to apply to their Merit program
    to see if i can start in the Fall instead of Jan 2014. When I finish this last prereq i may apply to the acclerated program if there is space still available. HAve you been accepted to Trident? I heard you say its your back up plan. It would be great to meet someone else who's been accepted.
  7. by   jnlaw
    @ml52789...i didnt receive a email about finacial aid...hope that doesnt mean what i think it means...
  8. by   ml52789
    Jnlaw- I have read they send it out to anyone who said on their application that they were interested in financial aid- it had nothing to do with being accepted/rejected. (They say that explicitly in the email)

    I can't handle waiting much longer!
  9. by   babygyrl9706
    Sorry for the late response, but I've also got accepted to Trident Tech Nursing for Fall 2014, what a long wait. However, I'm doing the merit placement for Fall 2013, which will be available for applicants in early March. I believe they also have a merit placement in June, or July for Spring 2014 if you're not ready for the March merit placement. I did the pax-rn for admission in Jan., which is based on high school math, science, vocabulary, and reading, but it was pretty challenging for me. However, if you take it, you do not have to wait to finish prerequisites for admission to the nursing program, you can apply after passing this exam. The exam is given every Wednesday in the testing center at Trident Tech College.
  10. by   babygyrl9706
    I've completed most of my immunization, because hopefully I have a chance to get accepted for Trident's Fall 2013 nursing program. I have 12 points so far.
  11. by   Belle83
    @ jnlaw.....yes I have been accepted into the fall accelerated program for this year. At this point, all I can do is wait....
  12. by   jnlaw
    @Belle83 is Trident your backup play as well? @babygyrl9706 thats good that you were accepted! Congrats! But youre right that is a bit of time to wait. I'm applying to the Merit program as well. I already have my packet together to mail off. I'm praying that I'll beable to start in the Fall in 2013 if i dont get accepted to MUSC. Jan 2014 just seems like its too far away. After i finish my last prereq i'm also gonna apply to thier acclerated program if i dont get into MUSC or have the chance to start a semester earlier

    Well my mom is a nurse and her thing is just get accpeted to a program and from the looks of it we've all been accpeted to trident so congrats ladies. Hopefully we will all be celebrating our acceptance to MUSC as well.
  13. by   Belle83
    @ jnlaw....yes it is....I've been accepted into the Fall 2013 Accelerated program @ Trident.....