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I recently applied for priority admission to the Fall 2013 Accelerated Nursing Program at MUSC. I started this thread to makej contact with anyone else that may have applied priority or is planning... Read More

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    @ amys1029- They only accept 60 each semester, which is another aspect that has me nervous. I read in the past, that the application volume has gotten up to 300. I've begin looking into other avenues in the event I don't get in. Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?

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    @Belle83.....Nope not at all I'm from NJ, but eventually will be moving to SC with my bf after I complete a program if it's not in sc. I did get accepted into Drexel's ACE program for fall 2013 so if I don't get into musc I will b going there.
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    Congrats on that. I got into their program for fall 2012, but opted not to go because it was a bit costly and I began fretting about leaving my daughter. So..... lets keep our fingers crossed in hopes of being classmates at MUSC.
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    I recently applied to MUSC accelerated BSN program for fall admission as well. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone. I applied to trident technical college and got accepted however the program doesn't start until Spring 2014. If I don't get into MUSC ill see about trying to start a semester early at Trident. For those who don't live in SC any helpful advice on apartments or roommates?
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    @ jnlaw..... I looked on Trident's nursing site the other day, and I saw they are admitting for the accelerated ADN for FAll 2013 unless it's a typo.
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    @ Belle83, I called to inquire about Tridents accelerated program for the fall and we can't even apply until all of our prerequisite are finish. I'm taking my class one this semester. They have a merit program where you can see if you can start a semester earlier. But yeah they are still accepting for their fall 2013 accelerated program. If space is still available I might...applied to that program as well after I finish up this last class.
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    @ jnlaw, thanks for the info. I have finished all of my pre-reqs, so I will start the application process just in case. But in the mean time, lets keep our fingers crossed..
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    @belle83, have you heard anything about housing? Good areas, bad areas, roommates, etc.
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    Not yet, I live about two hours away so I will need housing. I have family members who live in the area, I will seek their advice for safe and affordable housing.
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    Hi guys. I also applied to MUSC for Fall 2013. This will be my third try. I was accepted as an alternate for Spring, but obviously wasn't picked. Competition is stout unfortunately. I have a 3.2 Cumulative GPA, 3.7 science and 3.8 Pre-req GPA. I am also a CNA and volunteered previously with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Good luck to everyone!

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